14 Day Reset and Evolve Nutrition Program

14 Day Reset and Evolve Nutrition Program

Everyone loves a fresh start; and so does your body!  When you nourish it properly, it gives back to you in the form of energy, excess reduction and positive outlook.   Take a pause and make a two week commitment re-set your eating habits and start feeling alive again with this 14-Day Reset Plan.

During the 14-Day Reset Plan, you will learn how to cut your carbohydrate and sugar cravings, choose the healthiest, best tasting foods and be given recipes that fill you up & make you feel great. You will also get an in-depth analysis of your health status with my suggestions for a lifestyle program that fits your health concerns and needs.

what you’ll get:

  • A Prep Week which will help ease you into your Plan, where you will start learning, planning, setting your goals and connecting with other participants.
  • A guided 5 Day Reset Detox & Cleanse with 5 full days of food, no stimulants and no hunger
  • A guided 9 Day Reset New Eating Plan  where you will be eating 3 healthy meals and 1-2 snacks per day
  • 14 days of Supportive Materials from Lindsay including videos, handouts, shopping list, recipes and action steps that will be delivered to your inbox daily
  •  9-day supply of healthy, delicious breakfast smoothies to help you transition after the Reset period
  • 14-Day supply of yummy nutrition bar snacks (and recipes to make your own) to ensure you have healthy snacks after the Reset period
  • 14 video trainings which will teach you the in’s and out’s of Proper Nutrition 101
  • Shopping lists & recipes that you can personalize towards your tastes which will help you learn exactly which foods are enjoyable and yet still keep you healthy
  • Food charts, handouts, and tons of other resources which will help you continue on with your healthy, energetic direction
  • Extras like exercise videos, ebooks, and bonus video trainings supplied by me and my colleagues who are all leading wellness industry experts
  • A Community to connect with other like-minded people participating in the Reset Program for support, ideas and motivation

what you’ll feel: 

  • Lighter!  You’ll likely lose weight; (5-8 lbs)  
  • Less Hungry.  Your cravings for sugar and carbs will subside.
  • More Energy.  
  • Deeper Restful Sleep.
  • Less Moody and decreased mood swings as your blood sugar balances.
  • Radiant, glowing skin from removing toxins and healthy eating.
  • More Productive.  As you feel better and can stay focused.
  • Confidence which results from taking care of yourself and your renewed energy.
  • More Educated regarding the myths & facts of healthy eating, proper nutrition and helpful supplements.

    what you’ll do:

  • Pause. You’ll start with a Health Assessment that I will review in detail. You will be provided with suggestions to think about which will help with your long term goals for continued health and longevity.
  • Prepare.  Take a week to delve into your “why” for doing this program and set goals that are specific to you.
  • Detox. With tips, strategies and ideas as you jump start your Reset with a 5 day cleanse  (5 full days of food, 8-10 glasses of water, no stimulants and no hunger,)
  • Transition to your new nourishing approach.  Learn why diets don’t work, and how small changes in your daily choices can add up to big results. Learn how your body responds to certain foods and the physiological triggers for cravings, and how to construct healthy, low-glycemic index (low-GI) meals and snacks.
  • Begin your new direction. You will review food charts and prepare shopping lists.   Learn nutrition concepts to apply to you decision making.
  • Get Momentum.  Learn to put together low glycemic meals and snacks and easy home cooking tips.   Gain insight in maintaing your nourishment eating out, at parties, and while traveling.
  • Hit your Stride.  You’ll be exercising moderately 20-30 per day during the program.   Learn about inflammation and why you need proper supplementation.  Learn why moderate exercise is a main key to unlocking your best self. You don’t have to be a gym-rat to look fabulous, just follow a few easy guidelines to keep your body in check and healthy.
  • Check in.  After 7 days, you’ll evaluate how you feel and the changes you are experiencing.
  • Expand your recipe repertoire with simple, healthy alternatives.
  • Keep Going. I will guide you towards how to stay on this program for life.  You will get tips, strategies, recipes and additional information so that you can enjoy your new direction be inspired to never look back to where you’ve been.
  • Enjoy your new healthy state and energy so that you can make the proper choices moving forward.

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